Jun 192012

Have you considered your own social network site?

Do you like social networking and see it as a valuable addition to your business, but prefer to have more privacy and control of your online presence? There is good news for you.

Perhaps you have already identified the power of social networking but are tired of giant sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and other big networks constantly changing the rules and security of your information. Now you can harness the power of those sites to bring your customers and suppliers to your very own Social Networking website, suitable for either a small group of people (your members) or an even bigger network with up to 10,000 members. WebNet NZ can build one for you.

Having your own networking site puts you in control of both the content and the members of the site, and allows you to filter out all the non relevant communication (does it really matter to your business what someone had for breakfast?). Your own networking site allows you to manage an interactive communication medium between you and your members, and between the members themselves, providing information flow focussed on your business and about the performance of your business from your customers point of view.

This type of feedback is invaluable to the business as it very quickly shows what the business is doing correctly and what it is doing wrong as far as serving its customers. This feedback allows the business to detect problems quickly and address them, rather than simply wondering why it is losing customers.

Over time, your own networking site becomes a live testimonial to your business, its products and the way it serves its customers. It will also gradually become a powerful online representation of your company, often ranking better than your company website in the search results, because of the focussed content and the active use of the site. There is nothing more powerful in the advertising world, than real users commenting on the use of your products and services and ranking well in the search engines.